Welcome To Scot Trekkers

We are a family of three who love to travel.

Our travels take us around Scotland  on a constant adventure to find hikes, Lochs, photographs and breathtaking scenery to document. 

Our Family Are:


Hi I am Serina and I am the author of the ScotTrekkers blog, I’m 38 years old and live in Scotland with my family, wife Pamela and our son Tristan.

I am a photographer with 15 years experience in the field, mostly events and weddings but I am very passionate about Landscapes, travel photography and videography.

I stopped working in 2013 to stay at home and raise our son, all the work I do now is for fun as I suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis and have spondylolithesis in my spine so find my movement is very limited. I enjoy taking life easy and find fulfilment making and editing videos for Tristan and Pamela’s youtube channels as well as flying my drone all around Scotland.

My Kit

Mavic Pro Drone with Neewer ND Filter Set

GoPro Hero 5

Canon M50

iPad Pro 12.9”

Software = LumaFusion and Notability

My personal socials are:





Pamela is 40 years old from Scotland, she is a Professional Landscape and Commercial photographer with over 10 Years experience in her field and is a third generation photographer, with her nana and great grandfather working as Photographers before her.

Pamela works for Kodak as a food photographer as well as organising and working for local community groups near our home. Pamela enjoys organisation and is great at it, she works helping the local community council in the events team.

She started 2019 with the determination to start a YouTube channel documenting her Landscape Photography journeys around Scotland and the UK. She has been successful in maintaining her channel and has started gaining a good following who love her charming videos.

Pamela’s kit includes:

Pentax K5

Canon M50

iPhone 8

Hyundai Tucson…

Pamela’s personal Socials are:


Tristan is our 7 year old son and he is a little star all on his own, he lives with us in Scotland.

He loves going on road trips and hiking adventures, but most of all he loves toys, like most 7 year olds do.

He has a good musical ear and is very quick at picking up songs and loves dancing to them around the house or in the car.

Tristan is always so happy and brings a smile to everyone he meets.

In 2016 when he was 3 he asked us for a YouTube channel like all the cool kids he watched on kids tube and we thought it was fun, so we converted an old channel we had into Tristan Toy Tester and then rebranded In 2017 as Tristan’s Adventures, he has a really good following and works with a couple of PR Companies reviewing toys.

Drago The Cat

Let’s not forget our furry family member, Drago the cat our little fur baby. Drago is 5 and has lived with us since he was 5 weeks old.

He really thinks he is human and tries to talk to us daily almost perfecting ‘mama’ 🤣

Drago is an outdoor cat and has many friends on the street, he follows all the children in our area to school and is a bit of a local legend, everyone knows the ‘following cat’ .

Drago is on instagRam: