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Gazillion Premium Bubbles

Top 5 Spring/Summer Toys

How are we all doing?

To keep ourselves busy we have been thinking up lists of our Top 5 favourites so we can write about them, for example…
Top 5 spring/summer toys, top 5 family hikes, top 5 paintings, top 5 Wild Campsites, top 5 hiking bag essentials etc.. The possibilities are endless so this could keep me busy for a while.

Some posts may only be about 1 product from the top 5’s and they will be in no particular order. Today I’m going to concentrate on our top 5 Spring/summer toys.

A list of top summer toys is not complete without BUBBLES, and there are no bubbles greater than Gazillion Premium Bubbles.

Top 5 Toys this Spring/Summer
  1. Gazillion Premium Bubbles
Tristan with all his cool Gazillion Bubbles

Gazillion Bubbles are an absolute delight to play with, obviously having a 7 year old, we have worked our way through our fair share of bubbles, Poundland, Asda, Argos, Poundstretchers, Tesco… we’ve used them all, some are okay, some are quite good and some are terrible, but none of them compare to Gazillion, they really are Premium, once you use these bubbles you wont want to use any other.

The consistency seems thicker than any other bubbles we have used, others are more watery, these hold there shape and are more durable and are non-toxic.

Tristan was kindly sent a collection of Gazillion Bubbles to try out and Review by Funrise Toy UK. Although we were gifted this product, all opinions are our own.

Gazillion Premium Bubbles on Tristan’s Adventures

In the video above we reviewed:

Gazillion Premium Bubbles Tornado

Photo by Funrise Toys

This truly is constant flowing bubble fun, apparently this little gem can produce up to 4500 bubbles per minute… i completely believe this.
There is a little purple cup at the top of the hurricane with a valve cap, you take the cap off your 4oz bottle of Gazillion Premium bubbles and screw on the valve cap then tip and place in the cup, press one simple button and off you go, 4500 bubbles later and you are a pro, ready to play over and over again. The battery compartment all seem sealed so they wont get wet which is great.

Great for running through bubbles, our cat loved it. We recorded some slo-mo to get the feel for how many bubbles were coming out at a time.

Double Bubble Barrel

Photo by Funrise Toys

This One is really easy to use, it comes with a 4oz bottle of Gazillion premium bubbles, pour bubbles into the little reservoir at the front, move the purple barrel to dip the wands into the solution then move them back out and hit the trigger to shoot double the bubbles, it takes a bit to get used to but is awesome once you get the hang of it, it was Tristan’s favourite of the blasters.

Tristan with The Double Bubble Barrel and the Tornado

MegaBubble Blaster

photo by Funrise toys

This was mummy’s favourite blaster, this comes with a 4oz bottle of premium bubble solution, which you just screw onto the blaster, and there is only one button, the trigger, if you press the trigger in short bursts you can produce 6 inch bubbles, or you can hold the trigger down and create a continuous 6 inch tube of bubble solution. This was our favourite way to play, we tried some slo-mo to show this in action too in the video above.

Incredibubble Wand

Photo by Funrise Toys

This is Tristan and I’s favourite Gazillion Product, It comes with a 16oz bottle of specially formulated ‘Giant Bubble’ solution, the wand and a dip tray, you pour the solution in the tray, dip the wand and off you go, there is a nack to this. It took us a few attempts to get it right, we got some other family involved last year in little slo-mo videos of this on Pamela’s Facebook which I’ll share below.

This is our go to bubble toy whenever we go anywhere and will probably go camping with us when we’re able to camp again.
We love spinning in circles and creating giant bubble tubes all around us.

Molly’s giant bubble slo-mo 2019
Uncle Tony’s giant bubble slo-mo 2019
Tristan with The Incredibubble Wand
Giant bubbles

In the video above we reviewed:

Giant Bubble Mill

Photo by Funrise Toys

This comes with an 8oz bottle of Giant Bubble Solution and is one of Tristan’s favourites to leave running constantly with the Tornado and Hurricane for different sized bubbles everywhere, our whole garden turns into a giant bubble party, definitely lots of fun.
The Bubble Mill works like an old water mill, it turns into the reservoir that you pour the bubbles into then when it keeps turning it collects GIANT bubbles and throws them out, this is awesome and we’ve had a lot of fun with this, as you can see with Tristan and Molly in the video, its used as a bubble gauntlet.

Giant Power Wand

Photo by Funrise Toys

This is like the electronic version of the incredibubbles wand, just dip it into the provided tray, press the button to turn on the fan and blow out GIANT bubbles, this is another one of mummies favourites. We’ve had to replace the batteries on this one way more than the others.

Flash n Spin

Photo by Funrise Toys

This one is awesome and so portable, Tristan loves the lights, we are yet to use it in the dark, we’ll do that soon and post a picture for you guys. There is a little tray provided, you pour the solution in to the tray, dip in and press the button, the fans spin blowing out 4 bubbles at a time, and the lights flash as it spins. Definitely need to try this one in the dark.


Photo by Funrise Toys

This one is like the tornado on its side….we love it. The Hurricane comes with a bottle of the Gazillion Premium Bubbles ‘secret recipe’ you just pour it in the little reservoir press the button and watch the Hurricane of bubbles come out. Tristan loves this one sat next to the Tornado and Mill and sets them all off at the same time.

Giant Bubble Challenge

Why don’t you join the #GazillionUKBiggestBubbleChallenge with @FunriseToysUK!

Funrise UK has launched a #competition giving you the chance to #win a HUGE Gazillion Bubbles Bundle worth over £90!

All you have to do is post a photo on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook of your Biggest Bubble attempt using #GazillionUKBiggestBubbleChallenge and tagging @FunriseToysUK before 12th June.

We recommend getting yourself a Gazillion Incredibubble Wand to help create your giant bubbles but you can enter using other bubble methods too! Shop now online at Tesco.

Funrise’s favourite entries will go to a public social media vote on 12th June and the winner will be announced shortly after on 19th June.

We will post our Biggest bubble attempt made with the Gazillion Incredibubble Wand on our Social Media’s over the weekend, you can check them out on instagram @scottrekkers and @tristans.adventures (Note: Our attempt is not eligible for entry due to our affiliation with FunriseToysUK)

For full details and terms and conditions visit @FunriseToysUK and see their competition post or head to Gazillionbubbles.co.uk

Thanks for reading and we cant wait to see your massive bubble entries, feel free to comment below with some cool pictures of your entries too for us to see. Speak soon.