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Character Kidz Big Weekend 2021

Character Kidz 2021

Character Kidz 2021 has just finished last weekend and we got a look at some of the awesome toys by Character Toys that have just been released, or are about to be released in the coming weeks.

Our big weekend started off on Friday evening with the Kidfluencer party popper welcome posts all over instagram and tiktok, then the weekends fun events began, with a little schedule of Instagram mini events over Saturday and Sunday.
Mini Event Schedule

Thanks to Character Toys, Tristan received a box of awesome goodies to celebrate the weekend which you can see below.

This year we were sent some Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Galaxy Attack Figures, and we were lucky enough to receive the super duper ULTRA RARE Crusticroid, he’s a really cool purple and pink crab like alien with one bulging yellow eye, he uses his eye for an awesome eye popping attack.

Heroes Of Goo JIt Zu Galaxy Attack Ultra Rare Crusticroid
Ultra Rare Crusticroid

As well as Crusticroid, we also received the very cool Air Vac Thrash, Thrash is a cool blue shark with pump power, you pump his head to extract the air and then mould him into any attack pose you want, he holds his pose until you press the button on the back of his head to release the air. We love him.

The first of the mini event’s that we were involved in was the Active hour where we were to hop, jump, skip, or keepy up for an hour and see how many we could do, all of the influencers combined were to hit the target of 5000 hops or skips etc.. and if they were successful (which they were) Character Toys would donate £1000 to the Toy Trust Charity.

Tristan managed 32 hops 😂

After all the hopping it was #taketimetochill hour with a very Yummy slushy with a Chill Factor slushy cup.

These are amazing, make sure to freeze them overnight first, then all you need to do is add juice and start squeezing. some of our fellow influencers added fruit and smoothies too, the only real limit with these is your imagination. We have used it daily ever since, Tristan has a slushy for lunch every day and his favourite is Cherryade.


It’s #chillfactor chill out time this #characterkidz2021 Chill Factor slushies at the ready available now from @smythtoysuper

♬ April – The Young Ebenezers
Enjoying a Chill Factor Slushie

As a little snack with his slushy to end his first full day, Tristan enjoyed the yummy sweeties Character sent in his cool box.

Let’s eat something sweet

Day two for us started with the our new video going live on YouTube of the AMAZING Stop The Robots game, this is now one of our favourite games to play as a family and will be coming with us in the camper-van adventures.

The next mini event Tristan was involved in was #mashemsmadness unboxing and showing off his very squishy mashems, Tristan was lucky enough to receive Zoe Zebra from Peppa Pig, Chase from Paw Patrol and Hedwig from Harry Potter.


The last event for the weekend was The Dino Hour and Tristans favourite hour. Of course no Dino hour would be complete without a T-Rex….enter Treasure X Dino Gold with the exclusive hunter. So we were up for a bit of a dino dissection to see if we won some real gold dipped treasure.

Treasure X Dino Gold

After finding no treasure we decided to try and crack open some Dino eggs and see what we could find there. To our surprise we found a fossilised rock we had to dig through and inside there was a hunters fossilised remains and some amber with an insect inside…how cool is that?

Treasure X Dino Gold

After an amazing 3 days Character Kidz is complete for another year, we are very thankful to Character Toys for sending us this awesome box of goodies to review.

These toys are all available now at Smyths Toys Superstores, thank you Smyths for our special CK2021 voucher to spend in store.

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