The Tri-force

Our journey started in March 2007 in a flat party in Glasgow’s West End, I came with a friend to her ex’s flat, where she was sill living, and it turns out that her ex was this cheeky faced, wise cracking hottie called Pamela.
I instantly liked her, we talked all night about our mutual love for Tim Burton films, 80’s rock music and of course Photography.

I had been struggling to promote myself as an Events Photographer taking pictures of local bands and musicians and Pamela had always loved the idea of photography as it ran in her family for generations on both sides, she really wanted to learn how to use an old Pentax camera she had been given that had belonged to her grandad. Being a Pentax lover myself, I naturally wanted to help.

We made a lot of excuses to see each other over the coming months through friends, then in July 2007, we decided we needed no more chaperones and could hang out alone.
We met up to play pool and talk about me teaching her how to use her grandads camera and her teaching me how to play guitar (turns out i have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever ) however Pamela took to photography like a duck in water, she was so passionate about learning it was inspiring.

We discussed how impulsive we both were and how we both hated the 9-5 routine (of course we were at that time both working a 9-5 routine)
We took an impulsive weekend trip to Aviemore in August 2007 (our first adventure) and we stayed with Pamela’s aunt who lived in a beautiful house there at the time. Amidst some cycling adventure Pamela decided jumping into a lily pond to get me a lily was a romantic idea, this of course resulted in a leech bite. We discussed how much we liked each other and decided to be an official couple.

In August 2008 we moved in together into the same flat we had met at the year before in the west end, and by the following February moved closer to my work into this teeny tiny little flat just outside Glasgow. The kitchen was so small we could barely fit both of us in it at the same time, our current closet is bigger.
We lived here for 6 months and every other day visited this little Park on the top of a hill close by, this little park is soaked in history and is one of the sites where the Antonine Wall used to run though. We used to sit on the same bench, overlooking the view of the rolling Campsie Fells and eat our Greggs for lunch, dreaming up our lifetime of adventures.
It was during our time in this place that i asked Pamela to marry me, it’s not a romantic story, it was more a… “do you want to marry me” in the middle of a generic conversation (she never lets me live down my lack of romance) but she said yes to me in the “flat you cannae swing a cat”

We finally moved from this flat and moved to our first ‘home’, a little 4 in a block at the top of a steep hill, with our own garden, this would be our house for the next 4 years and the place we were on the two most important days of our lives.

In September 2010 after 3 years together, we got married.

We started our day in our little 4 in a block with our close friends and family around us. We travelled to our local Registry Office in style in an awesome BMW. We were the first Same Sex Civil Partnership held in our town. After a nervous 30 – 45 mins i had married my best friend, papers all signed, time for a party.

We had a movie themed reception with a red carpet and our guests all arrived in costume as characters from tv/films.
Pamela and I were dressed as Star Trek characters, Pamela was Lieutenant B’Ellana Torres from Star Trek Voyager and I was Captain Janeway.

Our other guests included:

The Blues Brothers, Marty Mcfly, Rose Tyler, Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The 10th Doctor, Ripley, Austin Powers, Klingons, Thor, Guinean, Miss Piggy, Spongebob, Super Mario, Snow White and the Evil Queen, Cleopatra… and many many more.

In 2011 we decided we wanted to extend our little family and in 2012 with a little bit of help from the NHS we started our journey to become two mums.
We found out in August 2012 that we were PREGNANT after our first try. And in April 2013 Tristan was born weighing 8lb 1oz and our trio began. Pamela likes to call us the Tri-force.

Tristan is now 6 and has a whole little life of his own and his own online presence as Tristan’s Adventures, where he plays and unboxes toys as well as hiking and travel adventures.

Since Tristan was born, Pamela passed her driving test in 2016 and our Scottrekkers adventures began, we have travelled up and down the country many times taking awesome photo and videos as we go and now we want to share our adventures.

We had a sad year in 2018 starting the year with the loss of three grandparents all of whom loved to travel and we feel we take them with us wherever we go and sadly we lost the 4th of them this month. Losing them has made us more determined to enjoy our life as much as we can and travel as much as possible.

At the beginning of this year Pamela started a vlog with a YouTube channel to showcase her travels and photography, and we have all followed her on this endeavour, it encourages us to get out an travel weekly and find new and awesome places.

You can see her vlog at:

Her vlog is about our beautiful landscapes in Scotland and eventually the UK/Worldwide.

You can find out more about us in our Welcome to Scottrekkers home page and associated bio’s.